Investing in Equity Income: Guide to Get Started without Fear!

Investing in Equity Income: Guide to Get Started without Fear!

More recently, cryptocurrencies have emerged as an option for those willing to invest in variable income in search of good returns.

Investment in this asset category is nothing more than an investment in foreign exchange assets.

The difference here is that, in general, cryptocurrencies are not issued by a country, but through private encryption technology.

Investing in Equity Income: Guide to Get Started without Fear!

There is also no cash, as the coins are exclusively digital.

In addition to Bitcoin (BTC) – the first cryptocurrency to gain notoriety – alternatives include Ethereum (ETH), Tether (USDT), Ripple (XRP), among others.

The financial market is very dynamic. Every day, variable income assets can experience unpredictable fluctuations.

At the same time, these investments tend to bring good returns in the medium and long term.

Another factor that makes variable income even more attractive is the drop in interest rates over the last three years.

In this scenario, fixed income investments tend to lose attractiveness.

Thus, investors should start building their portfolio with new options, such as multimarket funds, as they offer greater returns.

When comparing the CDI with the index, it is possible to notice that the behavior of both has reversed since the beginning of the fall in the interest rate.

The scenario is favorable even with the crisis of the new coronavirus, which caused a series of circuit breaker events on the stock exchange and with the sharp drop in the value of shares, which became known as the Corona Crash.

The bag has dropped, it’s true. But it regained 100,000 points in a rapid climb, with the economy still in the process of recovery.

This demonstrates that those who focus on the long term greatly reduce risks and increase the chances of profit in variable income.

Therefore, this may be the right time for you to start investing in equities and make your money really grow.