Education – Shared Value

Education – Shared Value


Blockchain technology is promising a greater and more state-of-the-art future with its transformational objectives covering a wide range of industries. Education is one of the most important sectors in the world which need to be revolutionized with blockchain technology. More than 36 million adults in America do not have basic Education covering basic writing, reading, and math skills, which a person must have to live a normal life. Most of the world lacks Education, but the world is being revolutionized by the Blockchain technology of which Deep Roots is a part. Deep Roots is an innovative platform focused on this sector to educate the world in the free and revolutionize Education through free Education. 

The importance of the education sector has increased at a pace like finance and healthcare. Deep Roots blockchain is given more importance and promoted by using technology to make it easy and perfect for the world. However, there are a lot of sectors in this industry that could use advancements in technology. The Shared value of Deep Roots will make it easier for people to get Education through online and virtual resources arranged by the intelligent system. The Global market size of the education sector is growing rapidly due to advancements in technology and is predicted to expand further, but Deep Roots offers free online Education. In a few years, Blockchain will be a fundamental component of educational institutions throughout the world, according to the newest technology amalgamation in the education sector.

Free Quality Education (Online)

Deep Roots has the ability to change the way that Education is delivered by providing new, more accessible routes for learning and upending the traditional dynamic between schools and students. Students, parents, scholarship foundations, private lending businesses, federal and state organizations, and the frequently-massive bureaucracy of university financial departments are all involved in the labor-intensive process of managing student tuition payments. Still, Deep Roots will help to get free Education through online mediums. Most of the time, free Education and online medium do not ensure quality education, but Deep Roots ensures the best Education for students. 

The Deep Roots token utilizes tree chain technology to provide shared value to the students through online Education based on intelligent AI-based technology. The growing blockchain industry utilizes an AI-based structure in various aspects, including NFTs and other popular use cases. Many colleges and universities both domestically and overseas, are now using AI technology to make the system perfect and educate the world. Millions of people may be interested in choices that make a college education more accessible with the help of blockchain technology. The Tree chain technology and AI-based Online Education of Deep Roots will help to establish strong e-learning opportunities through Blockchain.

Free Quality Education

E-Learning in Blockchain

Together, Blockchain and the education industry have great potential. The quality of the institutions and the Education provided are improved by using blockchain technology in e-Learning. The Deep Roots will make sure to enhances the employment of innovative strategies.

Challenges in the Education Sector

Several hurdles are there for the institutions and trainers to overcome before Deep Roots blockchain technology in the education sector becomes more effective to provide solutions. In a Gartner poll, almost 50% of respondents who worked in higher Education said they were not interested in implementing blockchain technology. The principal challenges are as follows:

  • Security 

Security is one of the major concerns everywhere. In the Blockchain, sensitive information is stored in blocks. Institutions have to think about what data they store and why. Educational institutions need to implement strong data security, and the security can be enhanced by permission Blockchain and encrypting the Blockchain’s data ensured by Deep Roots Tree Chain Technology. Schools and institutions need to improve their security with blockchain development.

  • Adoptive  rate          

The adoption of blockchain-based certifications is not popular, and various students had problems because of this. Credentials only work if schools or companies accept their validity; while there are hundreds of schools already issuing and accepting blockchain credentials, many others do not do so. Various sites like Upwork and ZipRecruiter promote the adoption of blockchain-based credentials.

  • Cost

When the technology is adopted, it will most probably be costly. The cost is related to the computing power and the required changes to the existing infrastructure, and it can add up. Many colleges and institutions lack the knowledge and skills necessary to manage student data on a blockchain platform. But Deep Roots ensure free education for the students across the where they would be able to learn about technology, Blockchain, NFTs and digital technologies.


The Deep Roots Platform aims to offer tools that individual and institutional content creators can use to impart practical knowledge and skills free from the limitations imposed by centralized platforms. Additionally, it offers a way to distribute wealth via a public token that can only exist on a blockchain and is not under the jurisdiction of a single company.

Challenges in the Education Sector