Are Sports NFTs the Next Big Thing? Why Should You Keep an Eye on the NFT Drop of the Upcoming NFT Cricket Game?

Are Sports NFTs the Next Big Thing

Although the above questions look like intimidating to you, these are actually pretty simple, and the answers to these questions are simple too. There has been a great deal of buzz around sports NFTs for quite some time, and with the upcoming NFT cricket game, we might see another NFT explosion very soon. In this blog, we will see more about how NFT items based on sports can have a profound impact on the NFT and sports industry and how the NFT drop event of the upcoming play-to-earn (P2E) cricket game can serve as a step toward the top.

Are Sports NFTs the Next Big Thing

Sports NFTs – Why Should They Be Considered?

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on sports can be any kind of product – whether digital or physical. Typically such sports NFTs include video clips, player cards, physical collectibles, and pixelated artworks. These can be found in various NFT marketplaces and special marketplaces such as NBA Top Shot and FanCraze.

NFTs based on sports became relevant since the Canada-based blockchain applications developer Dapper Labs decided to create NFTs for iconic video clips from the American NBA League. The firm launched its NFT marketplace for collectible moments with full support and licensing from the NBA. Those NFTs have been some of the most buzz-generators in today’s context as far as sporting NFTs are concerned. Later, the first NFT sports games started coming out, with Sorare being a primary example. Sorare is based on fantasy football, although no betting is involved in the game. Sorare is also an NFT game with official licensing from a lot of football leagues around the world.

There have not been a lot of NFT games coming out popular, but yet, collectible sports NFTs are slowly becoming a norm. For example, FanCraze, a company based in India, has released NFTs based on video clips from international cricket tournaments. The collections, which come out occasionally, are in collaboration with the International Cricket Council (ICC). The marketplace platform has also signed contracts with multiple national cricket teams and cricketers. Even though the official website of FanCraze talks about NFT gaming, there have not been any significant updates to be put into consideration.

What About the Upcoming Cricket NFT Drop?

The upcoming cricket NFT drop from has been gathering interest all across social media. According to the only press statement from the developers, the drop event called Super Loot is the first step toward the world’s first NFT cricket game Meta Cricket League. The NFT game aims to ultimately create a metaverse for cricket, with a thriving ecosystem aimed toward cricket, gaming, and NFT enthusiasts. As of now, there has been an active website for the NFT marketplace, with a ticking countdown that ends at 12 PM IST (Indian Standard Time) on April 22, 2022.

The website gives a lot of promise with its innovative design and effective experience features, which kindles the interest of anyone who views the site. One can write out a lot of speculations simply by looking at the website from top to bottom. As for us, we have guessed that the NFT collectibles could consist of digital versions of player cards, cricket bats, cricket stadiums, and even physical cricket bats signed by famous cricketers. The actual NFT game for which the drop has been scheduled is based on the play-to-earn (P2E) model, where gamers can simultaneously earn while playing without having any wait time to cash out their in-game income. Such games have helped restructure the economies of multiple South East Asian countries, which were hit hard due to the resultant lockdowns of the global pandemic. A P2E NFT game based on cricket would only alleviate the economic struggles of more nations, this time, particularly in the Asian Subcontinental region and the Caribbean. Apart from being a fast-tracking pathway for economic revival, a sporting game always amuses more people than other types of gaming since violence in games has been heavily objected to for a long time.

Why Should One Not Miss the Upcoming Cricket NFT Drop?

If you are interested in anyone or some of the following, you should certainly consider not missing this rare opportunity to grab some unique NFT collectibles – Cricket, games, and NFTs. The Super Loot NFT drop event is set to provide buyers with virtual tokens that can serve as in-game items, rare collectibles, and even tradable products. It has been difficult to see NFTs with all such qualities embedded in one, but the upcoming NFT collection for the future NFT cricket game is set to change all that. Word of mouth has been spreading that the NFT drop collectibles would be available at affordable costs, lesser than the initial investment required for starting up into the present day’s popular blockchain games. Also, the prospect of having a physically signed cricket collectible has always been on the lifelong wishlist of most cricket fans, and the drop event might make some of them strike off that wish. Also, even if you do not want to play the future NFT cricket game for some reason, you can sell the NFTs later as the awareness of P2E gaming among cricket enthusiasts has been increasing steadily, and more people could become blockchain gamers.

Register and fund your wallet on to grab the player NFTs and legendary bat NFTs on April 22nd, 2022.

A Few Thoughts Before the End

Henceforth, one can see how the scheduled NFT drop event for the upcoming cricket game has been highly anticipated among cricket, gaming, and NFT enthusiasts alike. Also, banter across various social media platforms has been in favor of supporting the NFT drop. So, if you are looking to grab some NFTs from the Super Loot drop event, quickly get in action without further ado since the drop collectibles have multiple facets and could be useful in some context.